1.1 PVC insulated & sheathed control cable is suitable for connecting wires between electric equipment is controling,monitoring loop and including 600V/1000V (A.C.).The product has not only excellent characteristics in electric and mechanical purpose but also in performance of chemical corrosion resistance ,heat-aging ,environmental stress and flame-retardant.The product has simple construction and convenient to use and could be laid with no restriction of different levels.

Our product of PVC insulated and sheathed control cable can be manufactured according to the Chinese standard GB9330-88,which was complied with reference to IEC227 ,IEC 502 and the standards of Germany ,American ,Japan and U.S.S.R for control cable .

1.2 Flame-Retardant control cable

Flame-Retardant control cable is suitable for connecting wires between electric equipments with a special flame-retardant requirement in controling ,monitoring loop and protecting circuit at rated voltage up to 600/1000V (A.C.) .Our flame-retardant control cable ,low smoke halogen free flame-retardant control cable ,low smoke low halogen flame-retardant control cable ,XLPE insulated control cable and XLPE insulated flame-retardant control cable.


2.1Rated voltage U0/U should be 450/750~600/1000V

U0~valid of the voltage between main insulated conductor and earthing (metal shield ,metal sheath of environment dielectric).

U~vaild of voltage between any two phase conductor in multicourse cable or single core cable system.

when AC.System is applied ,the rated voltage of cables should be at least equal to the nominal voltage of  the system .When DC.System is applied ;the nominal voltage of this system should not be more than the rated voltage of the system by 1.5 times.

2.2 The permitting long-term operating temperature of cable conductor should be PVC insulation :70℃

Chemical Sioplascable:90℃

Irradiation XLPE:105~135℃