AAAC aluminum alloy conductors are extensively used for overhead distribution and transmission lines adjacent to ocean coastlines where there can be a problem of corrosion in the steel of an ACSR construction. The aluminum alloy conductors are used in place of single-layer ACSR conductors (i.e., #6 to #4/0 AWG)to reduce power losses in overhead distribution and transmission lines. The inductive effect of the ACSR steel core is eliminated, hence increasing the operating efficiency of the line.


AAAC is a high-strength aluminum alloy, concentric-lay-stranded conductor. It is similar in construction and appearance to the AAC all-aluminum conductor.
The AAAC conductor is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the latest issue of ASTM B399. The AAAC conductor is manufactured from a heat-treated, magnesium-silicide high-strength 6201-T81 aluminum alloy.
The aluminum strands consist of a concentric stranded cable of 7, 19, 37 or more wires. The sizes and strands listed are common examples used in overhead lines. Metric (mm) sizes are also available.


Conductor type: Max. Cross-section 5000MCM/2500mm2
Max. Stranded number 127Nos

We can produce according to our client’s need and also provide technical data.


ASTM B 231, BS EN-50182, CSA C 61089, AS/NZS 1531,
DIN 48201, IEC 61089, GB/T 1179