Aluminum Conductor Covered line wire

Aluminum  Alloy 6201-T81 Conductor Covered Line wire

Aluminum Conductor Concentric-lay-Stranded Coated steel-Reinforced covered line wire

Used primarily for overhead and distribution lines


Conductor type: Aluminum 1350-H19, 6201-T81 or ACSR conductor

Number of core:single core

We can according to our client’s need and also provide technical data.


Rated Voltage:600V

Test Voltage: AC 3000V/1Min

Maximum conductor operating temperature:

LDPE/HDPE Insulation conductor 75℃

XLPE Insulation conductor 90℃

Color of Insulation: Black and customer designated.


ANSI/ICEA S-70-547 Weather-resistance polyethylene insulated overhead conductor

ASTM B-230 Aluminum wire, 1350-H19 for Electrical Purposes

ASTM B-231 Aluminum conductors, concentric lay-stranded

ASTM B-232 Aluminum conductor, concentric-lay-stranded, coated steel-reinforced(ACSR)

ASTM B-399 Concentric-lay-stranded 6201-T81 aluminum alloy conductor

ASTM B-498 Zinc-Coated steel core wire for ACSR


1.Ambient temperature for insulation shall not be lower than -20℃.

2.Weather-resistance,Ultra-violet(UV)stabilizer additives are available upon request.

3.Admissible bending radius to cable: When overall-diameter(D)is less than 25mm. it should be not less than 4D.

When overall diameter(D)is 25mm or more, it should be not less than 6D.