The PVC insulated power cable and fire resistant cable are suitable for fixed laying in power transmission and distribution lines with A.C.50Hz and voltage rating of up or including 6kV.


Scope of XLPE cable Type No. of Core Nominal cross-section

Cross-section area of neutral conductor
In 3+1cores and 3+2cores should conform to specification of following table:

Nominal cross-sectionMain core2.5461016253550
Neutral core1.52.54610161625
Nominal cross-sectionMain core7095120150185240300400
Neutral core3550707095120150185


D.C Resistance of finished cable at 20℃ per km is not more than the following:

Nominal cross-section mm2152.546101625
Cu core12.17.414.613.081.831.150.727
Al core18.112.17.414.613.081.911.20
Nominal cross-section mm235507095120150185
Cu core0.5240.3870.2680.1930.1530.1240.0991
Al core0.8680.6410.4430.3200.2530.2060.164
Nominal cross-section mm22403004005006308001000
Cu core0.07540.06010.04700.03660.02830.02210.0176
Al core0.1250.1000.07780.06050.04690.03670.0291

Voltage test:
Each drum of finished cable should withstand power frequency voltage 3.5kV for 5 minutes,the insulation is not breakdown.
Service conditions and operation parameters of Cable:
The cable is applied to fixed installation for rated voltage 0.6/1kV of power transportation and distribution line.
Max. rated temperature of conductor. nominal operating 90℃
Short circuit: max. for 5 sec.250℃
The cable can be laid without drop restriction, and the environment temperature shall not be lower than 0℃.